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A decentralized future for the Shiba Inu Army

Ryoshi network empowers the Shib Army with a community led Layer 2 blockchain network on top of Ethereum built with speed and scalability.

Scaling Ethereum with $SHIB power & Polygon CDK

Ryoshi network utilizes $SHIB as the native gas token and is built with Polygon CDK ZK L2 technology stack. Ryoshi network brings ecosystem utility to $SHIB with a L2 platform that decentralized blockchain applications can be built on.

Bringing the community front & center with Ryoshi network

$SHIB was founded on the ethos of being owned by the people with no central authority. Ryoshi network has community-first decentralized governance of its protocol, making it a network that is led and owned by the community itself.

A world of unstoppable $SHIB applications

Ryoshi network is a platform where Shib Army can spend their Shiba Inu token on games, NFTs & DeFi. $SHIB is the main currency for all of the applications on the Ryoshi network, bringing an entire ecosystem of dApps that bring more utility to $SHIB.

Join the Shibes

Come build for Ryoshi network and help make the world a more loving place. Help contribute and make Ryoshi network more adopted globally.

Heart of the Shiba Inu builder community

Builders, infrastructure providers and community leaders have all come together to support this mission of bringing a scalable, reliable and fast L2 network to $SHIB.

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